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The Future Is Now

Eventus Outdoors built a conference that explored augmented reality and its role in the future of city planning.

Project Scope

  • A 300-person, two-day conference dedicated to AR technology, along with its effect on civic life and communities
  • This event was meant to be AR-focused and action-oriented, as a partnership between Niantic and the Knight Foundation
  • Attendees in six categories: municipal governments, augmented reality technologists, urbanists, civic institutions, students, and individual developers
  • Four goals of this conference: 1) encourage greater understanding of needs and challenges to civic engagement 2) explore possibilities of how AR technology can help meet those challenges 3) create connections between technologists and civic partners 4) ideate on projects that leverage AR to redefine cities

Project Outcomes

  • Showcased global AR thought leaders to city decision makers
  • Panelists included: architects, designers, urbanists, artists, technologists, and AR experts
  • Hosted AR walking tours throughout the Oakland Museum of California where attendees could tours AR projects in the city, and interactive experiences set against the California Natural Sciences Exhibit
  • A guided ideation workshop hosted by Niantic designers helped participants collaborate on AR concepts
  • Attendees brainstormed AR solutions to city-level projects vis-a-vis hospitality, lodging, and transportation

"Eventus Outdoors is amazing! They were an absolute pleasure to work with having created the first ever Niantic Augmenting Cities Conference. From concept creation to execution they were professional, innovative and communicative in their process. A creative team that thinks of every detail and goes above and beyond.”


Niantic employee