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Cultivating The Ultimate Racing Experience

Six nights on the track under the lights in three cities. Hundreds of runners chasing down a personal record.

Project Scope

In professional track racing, runners are set up for success and given ideal conditions to run a PR. If you’re not a pro, it can be hard to find a race catered to running fast. Evenuts and Trscksmith teamed up to cultivate the ultimate racing environment. Each race featured pacers, a fast track, a great environment, all under the lights.

Project Outcomes

  • 6 events in 3 cities (NYC, Boston, and Minneapolis/St. Paul)
  • 1,056 participants and 850 finishers
  • 70+ volunteers
  • Custom assets developed for bibs, PR patches, finisher tape, and event logos

When we decided to get more ambitious with our events, we realized that more than a traditional agency, we really needed an extension of our team. Eventus was fantastic in this role. They knew our category incredibly well and quickly integrated with our team. They brought a different set of expertise and the ability to move quickly, which allowed us to significantly elevate our events beyond what we would have been able to do on our own.

Ryan Eckel

Brand President, Tracksmith