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There's a type of person that thrives at Eventus. Sure, they're adventurous. They're also creative, collaborative, and full of grit. Not much can hold these pros down, in — or out — of the office.

Julia Stamps Mallon

Founder & CEO

With over a decade in the experiential marketing space, Julia is a master of orchestrating events from the ground up. From idea conception to structuring strategic partnerships for acquisition, Julia has been a visionary for several key properties over the last decade. (She would never call herself a “visionary”, but her team insisted on it in this case. Just ask anyone who’s worked with her how true it is). Prior to Eventus, Julia spent 10 years in the financial services industry, and has been an elite runner since gracing the cover of Runner’s World in high school.

Danielle Quatrochi

Strategic Advisor

A seasoned digital experience and marketing professional. Ex Nike, Finish Line and Outside Interactive, DQ brings a consumer centric and cross channel marketing perspective that fosters loyalty and business growth. DQ loves to build great teams that are empowered to leverage their strengths to achieve greatness. She takes this same approach with our clients, working side by side with the team to carry on operational excellence. From an Olympic Trail marathon participant to now an everyday active lifestyle enthusiast, she seeks to pull the passion out in all of us.

Timothy Fowler

Director of Events and Experiences

Tim has over a decade of experience developing, executing, and managing retail and community based marketing programs with a focus on building best in class events and strategic partnerships. He has a passion for building relationships with all types of organizations through authentic brand storytelling and trust. Tim's personality and skill set thrives in the fast paced landscape of event planning and execution and loves to get his hands dirty in all elements needed to make an event or campaign a successful one.

Alex Karnazes

Senior Project Manager

With years of Hospitality Management, and experience at such eminent brands as Marriott's The Ritz-Carlton, Alex is dedicated to service and excellence. Alex pays close attention to details to ensure that every step of the client journey is smooth and orchestrated with the utmost of care. She meets and exceeds expectations, having received numerous accolades and awards. Energetic and creative, she enjoys creating memorable events and experiences that enrich and enliven individuals and teams.

Mackenzie Jones

Senior Project Manager

With over a decade of involvement in the outdoor industry, Mackenzie is a marketing and sales professional with a plethora of experiences in account management and brand promotion.
In her most recent positions Mackenzie focused on business development and serving as a North America sales manager.

Steele Heathcott

Senior Brand Manager

With a wide variety of brand marketing experience, Steele takes pride in her ability to think big picture, while also executing the details. Her organizational skills and “get it done” mentality give her the ability to manage projects large and small. When not working, you can find Steele doing yoga, outdoors, or traveling the world.

Mitch Loge

Project Manager

Trusted by international brands to build partnerships and represent them in the field. I have a knack for organizing and managing large scale events and tours, while creating collaborations with top brands across the industry. In my free time I chase swells, snowstorms, and adventures abroad.

Ada Campos

Project Manager

Bringing with her an extensive knowledge of service industry management, Ada has been a crucial part of making Eventus activations a success for the past eight years. As a full-time event production lead, Ada’s roles include permitting, operations support, vendor outreach, and partner support. She’s an expert in coordinating all moving parts and making sure our activations run smoothly and efficiently.

Patrick Meehan

Project Manager

From rental shop wrench-turner to national sales manager, Patrick has experienced the full breadth of the ski and outdoor sports industries from coast to coast. His two decade career has seen Pat take on successful and fulfilling roles as team manager, retail buyer, event coordinator, logistics manager, social media director and U.S. marketing manager. Each of these challenges has furthered Pat’s desire to better understand the nature of these unique industries, while his natural affinity for people drives him to develop vigorous relationships wherever he goes. This all culminates in a profound and genuine understanding of the ski and outdoor sports market, making Pat an invaluable asset on any project.

Travis Jagroo

Project Manager

Travis is a seasoned event professional with a passion for creativity and innovation. He has been in the event industry for over 15 years, and he loves finding new ways to improve processes and logistics. He is also an experienced software developer with a talent for graphic design and building to-scale models in CAD. Travis’s ability to continually learn and acquire new skills sets him apart in the industry.

Bridget Kuglin

Creative Strategist

A big picture thinker that dives head first into data, research, and the human experience to discover trends, connect dots, and identify opportunities for her clients. Bridget’s "superpower" is the ability to weave those insights into marketing strategies, collaborative brainstorms, and creative kickoffs. You can usually find her adventuring with her partner and kids on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Lindsey Hawkins

Copywriter & Content Lead

Understanding your target audience and relating to them through authentic messaging is Lindsey’s specialty. Having worked with brands such as Huckberry, Timberland, Yosemite Conservancy and more, Lindsey has a deep understanding of outdoor-focused brands and connecting with their unique audience.

Eric Gregson

Web Specialist

Eric Gregson is Web Developer and SEO expert. With over 17 years experience in E-commerce and Website Development Eric built one of the largest merchandising companies on the west coast. He now works with Eventus EXP as the lead web developer helping our clients streamline their online user experience to maximize event engagement.

Courtney Sanford

Digital Operations

Courtney’s past projects include organizing and leading workshops for Koru, an education-technology startup, facilitating high-impact media trips for outdoor brands like Oru Kayak and managing corporate activations for the Sundance Film Festival and the US Ski & Snowboard Association. Most recently, Courtney has helped companies pivot into the online event space design, building and executing impactful experiences in a digital environment.
Courtney is also the cofounder of Outwild, a community and event series for people who want to create outdoor, value-driven lifestyles.

Jamie Trant

Director of Audio & Video

Jamie has over 20 years’ experience as an Audio-Visual Technician in the Live Event industry, doing everything from mixing concerts, designing and installing systems, to handling Production Management for live venues. Thriving on creative problem-solving, he loves to bring those skills and methods to unconventional spaces, exceeding client expectations and continually raising the bar for unique A/V experiences. When he’s not behind a console or in line to see a show, he’s usually hiking with his dog.

Suzanne Portillo


Suzanne offers a unique and well-established approach to keeping the books organized and ready to go! She has over a decade of experience handling accounts, sales and inventory tracking, budget reconciliation and special projects. As one of the original members of the REI Outessa Summit and Pursuit Series teams, she knows the ins and outs of keeping tabs on the many moving parts behind-the-scenes that allow events to go off without a hitch.